Who are we?

We are a team of passionate individuals who bring 35 years of industry relevant acumen and experience to the table, having worked in and serviced the Pathology and Research industry for our entire career,

Medical Diagnostic is in our blood, and here we have experience in sourcing new products, finding niche products, finding well priced alternatives for our customers.

It is our mission to provide emerging technologies and improvements in lab efficiencies to our customers.

We have a proven track record of meeting our customers’ needs , exceeding both expectations, and targets

We believe in, and live by, the following values


Straight talk and honesty

Loyalty to our customers






What is important to us?

We will not compromise on matters of principle or quality.Your success is our success.

Agility is of utmost importance to us. We always try to adapt to the situation at hand, and go the extra mile to deliver on promises and find solutions for each customer.

As unique as our approach and service offering is, so too  is our quest to effectively touch lives with our contribution by providing appropriate products and services, thereby making a real and lasting difference in our peoples lives.

We believe in building long lasting relationships, and walking the extra mile with our customers, who become friends.

We believe that less is more, and that keeping it simple, and to the customer’s requirement, is the key to success. Our passion translated into action by our relentless search for UNIQUE solutions, tailored to our customers’ specific requirements

Why choose us?

From a centrifuge to coagulation reagents, we can do it all.


We go the extra mile in meeting our customers’ requirements and needs.


To enable our Mission, we import and distribute a wide range of laboratory equipment, medical equipment and supplies, reagents, instrumentation, diagnostic kits and consumables for the healthcare market.

Our products can be applied in numerous specialist disciplines and areas including pathology, veterinary, surgery, clinic, neo-natal or academics (research), for which we also offer specialized service for maintenance, repairs and calibration.


Gerard du Toit

 Gerard du Toit has a National Diploma in Medical technology Chemical Pathology as well as quite a few sales & marketing certificates.

He spent a couple of years working at a Government Military Hospital Laboratory, doing Special Biochemistry a Private Pathology Laboratory in a Special Reference Laboratory, Bayer Healthcare where he achieved great success. He also worked at other local South African diagnostic companies where he was a Regional- and Key Account Manager, and had great success, achieved sales targets and built good customer relationships before co-founding Unique Diagnostics.

It is clear to see that Gerard Du Toit has extensive knowledge/experience  in the medical-/diagnostics field and with his great track record he is definitely  someone to take seriously in the industry.

Some International Diagnostic Companies’ , products and instrumentation, he sold:

Technikon RA, Chiron, Advia, Sakura, Sebia, Interlab, Biodata Corp, Biokit, Thermo, Accumax, HTL, Vital Scientific, Nanogen, Berthold Bio Analytical, as well as general laboratory equipment, and research assay’s. 

Marinda Visagie

Marinda Visagie has a National Diploma in Food Technology with more than 20 Years relevant experience in the wine industry, in addition to 17 years relevant experience  in the Food industry. Marinda quickly worked her way up in both industries with a great track record and experience, she adds a lot of value to the Unique Diagnostics team.