Unique Diagnostics is a company, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and has been founded by individuals with strong experience in medical diagnostics.Our mission is to assist in accurate diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, even in scenarios of most advanced, complex and refractory malignancies. Unique Diagnostics has collaborated with the world class services of Datar Cancer Genetics Limited – a state of the art ‘Molecular – Genetic Oncology lab’ located in India.

We truly believe in the scientific fact that every cancer patient is different and can be best managed through a personalized approach. With this mission we intend to drive our purpose of supporting the Oncologists of South Africa for achieving best outcomes in treating even the most complex cases.

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Datar Cancer Genetics

We are a World-leading molecular oncology facility with a fully equipped laboratory, integrated process platforms, in-house bioinformatics team, and a huge genetic data base for precise and updated reporting.

The facility is NABL, ISO, CAP and CLIA accredited. National and international cancer research institutes, and patients from all over the world including US, Switzerland, Germany, UK and South Africa avail our services.

With the help of latest technology and several years of extensive research, we offer highly effective treatment solutions to cancer patients for whom, multiple lines of treatment have failed.

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Our services offerings

  • Chemical Pathology, and Histology
  • Haematology, Esoteric tests.
  • PCR assays and instrument systems
  • General Laboratory  instrumentation,
  • Molecular Diagnostics of Cancer
  • Encyclopaedic Tumour  Analysis, ct DNA, cfDNA
  • Microplate readers
  • Microplate readers and Fluorometers
  • Combined Chemistry and Haematology instrumentation
  • Vacuum Imbedding Processors and Micro slide staining instrument.
  • Platelet aggregation profilers
  • Electrophoresis systems
  • Pipette calibrations, SANNAS accreditation
  • General laboratory instrumentation
  • High End Bio Analitical research instrumentation
  • Research  Assays, Elisa kits
  • Refrigeration and Heating Instrumentation,
  • Laminar flow cabinets,
  • Liquid Handling Products, Automated liquid handling systems,
  • Fluorescent stains and assays,
  • PCR, realtime, nucleic acid extraction, DNA, RNA, Branched DNA, Elisa etc.