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We are a team of passionate individuals who bring 35 years of industry relevant acumen and experience to the table, having worked in and serviced the Pathology and Research industry for our entire career,

Medical Diagnostic is in our blood, and here we have experience in sourcing new products, finding niche products, finding well priced alternatives for our customers.

It is our mission to provide emerging technologies and improvements in lab efficiencies to our customers.

We have a proven track record of meeting our customers’ needs , exceeding both expectations, and targets



Efficient anticoagulant testing worldwide- this is the driving vision of coagulation diagnostic company Haematex Research, founded in 2004 by Dr Thomas Exner has been at the forefront of innovation in coagulation diagnostics.  With decades of experience, Dr Exner has made numerous presentations at hematology meetings, published over 100 papers, and has several patents.

The now widely used dRVT and newer DOAC-Stop first emerged from our R&D efforts in Sydney Australia and encourages us to keep innovating. Haematex provides niche products and services in the coagulation diagnostics industry.


Behnk Elektronik

Was founded more than 40 years ago and has successfully specialized in the development of automatic systems for in-vitro diagnostics in hemostasis. In continuous advancement of semi-automatic measuring systems over fully-automatic measuring systems up to complete solutions for in-vitro diagnostics of coagulation and aggregation, we always attach importance to simplicity and user-friendliness.

Lead by this motto our engineers further develop new devices and proven systems. The precision in technology leads to features that make working with our systems easy and guarantee a high reliability of the instruments in everyday laboratory work as well as in the analysis results.

Our analysis systems can be flexibly configured to the requirements of the laboratory. They are robust and require low maintenance effort for laboratory personnel and service technicians, thus reducing the downtime of the system in the laboratory. These features save an enormous amount of time, money and make working with our systems so effective.



MICROS company has been founded in February 1994. The main business purpose is the production and sale of microscopes and microtomes. Advanced ergonomic design and new optics for a large variety of applications guarantee the success of the product range.MICROS microscopes and microtomes are employed many different fields. Two main fields of application are the “life science” sector (medical technical laboratories, biology, veterinary …) and the “material science” sector (industrial applications such as semiconductors and plastics technology and also quality control …). Furthermore, MICROS also attaches great importance to the training and education sectorThe product range extends from small models for use in education and routine laboratory work to highly professional microscopes for complex applications. The product line also includes stereo microscopes, imaging microscopes with Live Cameras or High Definition Video Cameras. Optimal samples for observation can be achieved with our high precision microtome line which includes a manual, a semi-automatic, a fully-automatic microtome and also our own MICROS disposable blades.

Originally MICROS was founded to sell high-grade microscopes for a reasonable price, especially in Austria. In 2019 MICROS is going to celebrate its 25rd anniversary and is dealing successful with microscopes and microtomes in countries all over the world.Large or small company, local or international – quality always pays off: ISO 9001 certification underlines the commitment of MICROS to maintain consistent standards of quality and competence in our dealings with our service and products and primarily with our partners. Since 2004 MICROS has a certified QualityAUSTRIA – the historical place of microscope technology Austria is also an attractive business destination – and indicators such as the political stability, the high quality of life and the low inflation rate contribute to its success. We also benefit from the fact that Austria is financially one of the most stable EU members.

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Sanguis Counting

Since 1991, we have been producing plastic capillaries for diverse intendent use, capillary blood sampling systems and blood gas sampling systems for blood sampling. Our company, SC – Sanguis Counting – Kontrollblutherstellungs- und Vertriebs GmbH (Control Blood Production and Distribution Ltd) is specialized in the development and manufacture of disposable medical items.

The increasingly strict requirements for modern analysis technology are reflected in the continual, ongoing development of our products. In the manufacture of our products, we use only raw materials which are heavy metal- and latex free.

For comprehensive information about our product range, please feel free to contact us.

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Rainbio scientific Corporation is founded in the year 2015 and focus on the design, research and manufacture of high quality consumable. Rainbow has 100,00-class super clean room, mature production technology, professional production equipment, experienced management team, and certificated by CE & ISO.

Most products manufactured in our U.S. FDA registered facilities are certified sterile, DNase and RNase Free, and non-pyrogenic using the highest quality, international famous medical-grade plastic materials. Some of the world’s top branded laboratory supplies, in vitro diagnostic kits, and medical devices are also produced as OEM and/or Private Labeled products.

Rainbio has developed a focus on meticulous control, constant improvement and innovation, as well as setting standards of excellence in our industry. We are proud to serve thousands of laboratories, as well as hundreds of distributors around the world. Our focus is on building long term relationships, allowing us to have a better experience your need to be successful in your market.

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Rx Count

If you are a pharmacist (or tech) working at Costco, CVS, Rite-Aid, or another high-volume dispensary there are a lot of really cool machines available to help make your job easier. However, if you’re tired of counting pills by hand and you don’t really need security cabinets, robotic arms, thumbprint scanners, touch screens, printers, etc. you might be in the market for a table-top pill counter.

Rx Count Corporation produces only the Rx-4 automatic pill counter.