About Us

We are a team of passionate individuals who bring 35 years of industry relevant acumen and experience to the table, having worked in and serviced the Pathology and Research industry for our entire career,

Medical Diagnostic is in our blood, and here we have experience in sourcing new products, finding niche products, finding well priced alternatives for our customers.

It is our mission to provide emerging technologies and improvements in lab efficiencies to our customers.

We have a proven track record of meeting our customers’ needs , exceeding both expectations, and targets

Meet the team

Gerard Du Toit – South Africa

Gerard Du Toit has a N . Dip Med Tech as well as quite a few sales & marketing certificates.
He spent a couple of years working at a Government Military Hospital Laboratory, doing Special Biochemistry a Private Pathology Laboratory in a Special Reference Laboratory, Bayer Healthcare where he achieved great success.

He also worked at other local South African diagnostic companies where he was a Regional- and Key Account Manager, and had great success, achieved sales targets and built good customer relationships before co-founding Unique Diagnostics. It is clear to see that Gerard Du Toit has extensive knowledge/experience in the medical-/diagnostics field and with his great track record he is definitely someone to take seriously in the industry.

Some International Diagnostic Companies’ , products and instrumentation, he sold:

Technikon RA, Chiron, Advia, Sakura, Sebia, Interlab, Biodata Corp, Biokit, Thermo, Accumax, HTL, Vital Scientific, Nanogen, Berthold Bio Analytical, as well as general laboratory equipment, and research assay’s.

Amit Navon – South Africa

Amit Navon is a highly respected businessman by many influential people from industries across the board. By nature, he is entrepreneurial, fearless and always exploring new innovative opportunities. He is the owner of multiple businesses in various fields, multitasks effortlessly, and as they say ‘A Jack of all Trades’.

Amit has first-hand knowledge of the medical field with a specific focus on Oncology when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. He has done extensive investigations into the available solutions in the South African industry.

He has a sharp financial and analytical mind and is trusted and consulted by many businessmen in prominent companies. To say that he is well connected is an understatement.

Amit is honorable, trustworthy, respectful and has the highest standard of integrity in all business dealings.

Personally Amit is a father and husband, and a loyal friend to many. His recreation interests include scuba diving, he is a qualified Yacht Skipper and a licensed helicopter and airplane pilot. He has many more interests on his bucket list.

Elad Stav – Israel

An International Business Development Professional,  with over 20 years of experience working in South Africa, and management positions in the Israeli government- promoting International trade, innovative technology transfer and project management across various industries and Israeli companies.

Expertise in marketing strategy and new business acceleration, consulting Israeli innovative high-tech start-ups and corporate.

Served as a Diplomat, Commercial Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria, Chief of Staff at the office of the Israeli Chief Scientist, and later on worked as Country Manager in South Africa- for a multinational projects & Investment Banking group active in Africa, developing complex infrastructure projects in Telecoms, HLS and Energy sectors.

Holds a Master’s degree in Law and Business from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LLM) and Bachelor degree from Tel Aviv University (LLB), majoring in International Trade, Commercial Law & International Marketing. SMP Graduate (Sales Manager Program) at HAMIL (the Israeli Centre for Management)- Sales Management in High-Tech and IT.

A member of the professional consultant forum of the Israeli Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEI), a consultant at “Smart Money” program- Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy, consultant at MAOF- The Israeli agency for small and mid-sized enterprises, and a Lecturer of business culture in Southern Africa.